Life Member

Persons who are eligible to become annual members can join as Life Members on payment of life membership subscription which is 10620.00/-

Annual Member

Persons eligible to become annual members who pay annual subscription which is 4130.00/- (Annual Membership is not Applicable for Post Graduate Students)
An annual members shall be considered a member in good standing only if his subscription is received on or before 31st January of the calendar year.

Student Member

Post Graduate Students in Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery of a Dental Institution recognized by the Dental Council of India and registered under Part A(BDS) of Indian Dentists Act 1948 shall be admitted as Student Life members after collecting a payment of 10620.00/- as subscription fee. Such members shall have the right to present papers / posters and attend scientific meetings, lectures, conventions and conferences receive journals but have no right in the working of the Association including the voting. Once they finish post graduation and after furnishing the necessary documents their status would be converted to regular Life member.
AMEDMENT- AGM 2011, 25th DEC 2011, NEW DELHI

Associate Member

Persons possessing basic dental or medical qualifications and who have a special interest in maxillofacial surgery are eligible to become associate members on payment of annual/life membership.
Subscription fee is:
  • 9120.00/- for life membership
Associate members are not eligible to participate in the business of the General Body, vote or contest in any election.

Honorary Member

Persons of high scientific or literary attainment or persons who have rendered outstanding services to the Association, if willing to be made as Honorary members, and so recommended by the Executive committee by majority and approved by the General Body according to rules as hereinafter laid down.
At any given time there shall not be more than 5 Honorary Members on the roll of the Association.
Proposal for the election to the Honorary Membership shall be made by and shall be vouched by the personal knowledge of the proposer who shall submit a curriculum vitae of his nominee while making the proposal.
Honorary members will not participate in the working of the Association and shall not vote or contest in any elections.
No subscription shall be collected from honorary members.


Rate of subscription for Member
1 Student Life Member Rs. 10620.00 for life time. Rs. 7500 National Membership Rs. 1500 state membership Rs.1620 GST
2 Annual Member Rs. 4130.00 per year (Annual Membership is not Applicable for Post Graduate Students). 2000 National 1500 state 630 GST
3 Life Member Rs. 10620.00 for life time. Rs.7500 National Membership Rs.1500 state membership Rs. 1620 GST
4 Associate Life Member Rs. 9120.00 (Non Maxillofacial Surgeons only). Rs.7500 National Membership Rs.1620 GST