Meet the Fellows

Meet and Interact with Fellows of AOMSI 2015-2016

Speciality: TRAUMA

Dr. Neha Jajodia
Mobile no : +91 9467169455
Email :
Centre : Post Graduate Institute of Dental sciences, Rohtak, Haryana
Director : Dr. Virendra Singh
Experience as Fellow : As a part of the first batch of AOMSI fellows I would like to thank the AOMSI team for structuring & providing us with an excellent learning opportunity and platform to hone our clinical and academic skills. This fellowship training program will help the young maxillofacial surgeons in our country to specialize and gain in-depth knowledge and expertise in the field of maxillofacial trauma.
Dr. Arjun Shenoy
Mobile no : +91 8281850777
Email :
Centre : Elite Mission Hospital, Thrissur, Kerala
Director : Dr. Manoj Bhaskaran
Experience as Fellow : As a trauma center catering to a wide spectrum of trauma, the philosophy of rapid response "commando approach" sets this Maxillofacial unit as a benchmark. With the learning curve in trauma being steep, the institute provides a rewarding professional and resourceful environment to foster higher surgical skill acquisition under expert supervision. Hands-on surgeries and the exposure to a myriad of cases make the fellowship experience in the unit commendable
Dr. Sheetal Kapse
Mobile no : +91 9981298209
Email :
Centre : Mamatha Dental College , Khammam, Telangana
Director : Dr. Rajshekhar G.
Experience as Fellow : I am heartily thankful to AOMSI for providing me such a wonderful opportunity and also want to offer my profoundest gratitude to my guide Dr. Rajasekhar. G for his kind overall guidance. This fellowship programme has provided me opportunity to learn the systematic approach in managing trauma patients and has built up my confidence and skills towards the overall patient management.
Dr. Ajay Kumar
Mobile no : +91 9894182362, +91 9844118288
Email :
Centre : Ganga Hospital, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu
Director : Dr. Kannan Balaraman
Experience as Fellow : This fellowship exposed me to the one of the centers with Potential for world class treatment, with patients care as a prime moto Any time, Every time and All the time.
Dr. Ankur Padmaja
Mobile no : +91 9427706135
Email :
Centre : Shubhechha Multispecialty Hospital, Vadodara, Gujarat
Director : Dr. Rahul Thakkar
Dr. Karan Padha
Mobile no : +91 9646961620
Email :
Centre : Raja Rajeswari Nursing Home, Dindigul, Tamil Nadu
Director : Dr. Senthilkumar P
Experience as Fellow : Working as an AOMSI fellow under Dr. Senthil has been an enriching experience for me personally. The amount of experience and expertise that I have gained in this period has been tremendous and the progress that I have made as a surgeon has been overwhelmingly satisfying.


Dr. Divakar TK
Mobile no : +91 9488037811
Email :
Centre : Global ENT and Maxillofacial centre, GEM Head and Neck Hospital, Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu
Director : Dr. M Baskaran
Dr. Khusboo Walecha
Mobile no : +91 9996961515 / 9017919304
Email :
Centre : Centre for Craniofacial anomalies (An autonomous university of Yenepoya University), Mangalore, Karnataka
Director : Dr. Mustafa Khader

Dr. P Lakshmi Manasa
Mobile no : +91 9052439302
Email :
Centre : Jubilee mission Medical College and Research Institute, Thrissur, Kerala
Director : Dr. Philip Mathew
Experience as Fellow : In one word "awesome "….Tons of thanks to AOMSI for allowing me to have a very good surgical exposure under expert Guidance of Dr. Philip Mathew.
Dr. Rakshit Vijay Sinai Khandeparker
Mobile no : +91 7868096436
Email :
Centre : Richardson Dental and Craniofacial Hospital, Nagercoil, Tamil Nadu
Director : Dr. Sunil Richardson