Important information regarding the AOMSI fellowship program/exam

1. The fellowship exam will be an MCQ based exam.

2. There will be a minimum of 40 questions/ maximum of 60 questions (might vary between different subspecialty.

3. Each exam will not exceed more than 1 hour.

4. One who have passed or who will be appearing MDS part 2 before October 15 2023.
Candidates who have not appeared, who have not got the results, should have the letter from HOD Stating that they are residents and tentatively appearing for exam on.....
or tentatively going to get results/marksheet by....

5. 1 additional marks will be added to the MCQ score for candidates who have attended the foundation course when the merit sheet is prepared.

6. Preference is given to the candidates who are less than 3 yrs of passing out in Trauma and 4 yrs in Orthognathic & Cleft and 5 Yrs in Onco surgery.

7. During the interview, the log book will also be reviewed. (No marks- just to have glance on exposure and commitment in maintaining Log book during PG)

8. It is advised to the shortlisted candidates to visit at least 2 centre's of their choice before the interview (new point added)

9. The candidates of Trauma and the Cleft fellowship program will be joining the fellowship 15 days prior (by December 15th).

10. The tripartite agreement should be signed by the candidates before taking up fellowship.

11. If the candidates quit within 30 days of joining the fellowship , they will be exempted from the Tripartite agreement terms and conditions.

12. The Interview of the shortlisted candidates will be during the Annual Conference time. The candidates have to appear in person for the interview. They are also encouraged to attend if Conference also.